Wednesday 16th December 2020
Photo Harmony Competition
Judge: TBA
Closing date for entries ... 2nd December 2020

Wednesday 17th February 2021
Peter Frampton and One Minute Competitions
Judge: WAVG Members
Closing date for entries ... 3rd February 2021

Wednesday 19th May 2021
Members Annual A.V. Competition
Judge: TBA
Closing date for entries ... 5th May 2021

WAVG Competition Results ... WAVG Competition Results

It will be assumed that if a member enters an AV into a club competition, WAVG can use the sequence
to show at future out side events and battles.

WAVG Competition Rules
The competitions are open to all fully paid up members.
Members may enter two sequences in each competition.
The maximum duration for each sequence in all competitions is 12 minutes except for the One Minute Competition which is ... 60 seconds.
Video clips are allowed in ...
Photo Harmony Competition No
One Minute Competition Yes
Peter Frampton Competition No
Members Annual AV Competition Yes
All photographs used in the Photo Harmony Competition must be the sole work of the competition entrant.
Entry to the competition implies that the author has all copyrights in place.
Please mark which sequence is your first choice in case we are over subscribed.

Worcestershire AV Group shall not be responsible for individual member infringement of current
copyright law.