Wednesday 11th December 2019.
Photo Harmony Competition
Judge: Ray Dowding: FRPS

Wednesday 19th February 2020.
The Peter Frampton & The One Minute Competitions.
Judge: WAVG Members.

Wednesday 20th May 2020.
Members Annual AV Competition.
Judge: TBA.

It will be assumed that if a member enters an AV into a club competition, WAVG can use the sequence
to show at future out side events and battles.

Competition Rules
All competitions allow two entries from each member but please mark which sequence is your first choice in case we are over subscribed.
Maximum duration per sequence for the 'Members Annual A.V. Competition' is 12 minutes,
Maximum duration per sequence for the 'Photo Harmony Competition' is 12 minutes.
Maximum duration per sequence for the 'One Minute Competition' is one minute and not a second more. Thank you.

Worcestershire AV Group shall not be responsible for individual member infringement of current
copyright law.


Members Annual AV Competition.
15th May 2019
1st Overlord ... John Holt
2nd Crich ... Harry Hunt
3rd Bronx ... Mike Edwards
Highly Commended Quebec ... Gordon Nicklin
Commended Discover Bewdley ... Bill and Dorothy Every
Judge: John Smith.APAGB, CPAGB, Hon LCPU

Wednesday 21st March 2019
One Minute Competition
1st - Have To Go ... Ian Bennett
Judge: WAVG Members

Photo Harmony Competition.
Wednesday 12th December 2018.
1st: Lakeland Reflections ... Harry Hunt
2nd: Highland Lament ... Mike Edwards
3rd: Le Jardin Feerique ... Mike Edwards
Highly Commended: Derwent Water ... Gordon Nicklin
Commended:Winter Around the Fairways ... John Holt
Judge: Jeff Mansell: CPAGB-AV

Members Annual AV Competition
Wednesday 16th May 2018
1st Harvington Hall.... John Levett
2nd Creative Diploma ... Barrie Glover
3rd It Stood ... John Holt
Highly Commended No.126 ... Mike Edwards
Commended. Zuyder Zee ... Gordon Nicklin
Judge: Eddie Spence FRPS DPAGB A FIAP

Wednesday 21st March 2018
One Minute Competition
Judge: WAVG Members
1st - Life Of Brian. Harry Hunt.

Photo Harmony Competition.
Wednesday 20th December 2017.
1st - My Little Welsh Home. Gordon Nicklin.
2nd – Highgate. John Holt.
3rd - Oil Soap and Water. Barrie Glover.
Highly Commended - Gozo Out Of Season. Mike Edwards.
Commended – Imagine. Barrie Glover.
Judge: Martin Addison. FRPS

Wednesday 17th May 2017
Members Annual A.V. Competition
1st ... From the far side of the world (Gordon Nicklin)
2nd ...Old Scarlett (Alan Tyrer)
3rd ... The Invisibles (John Levett)
Highly Commended ... Pardoned (Alan Tyrer)
Commended ... Donna Nook (Harry Hunt)
Judge: Alastair Taylor. LRPS

Peter Frampton Competition
Wednesday 15th February 2017
First place award only ... HHH. Gordon Nicklin.
Judge: Malcolm Imhoff. FRPS FACI(M)

One Minute Competition
Wednesday 15th February 2017
First place award only ... The Mighty River Severn. Barbara Jones.
Judge: Malcolm Imhoff. FRPS FACI(M)

Photo Harmony Competition.
Wednesday 16th December 2016
First ... Extase … Carol and Ian Bennett
Second ...The Old Moor Of Rannock ….Mike Edwards
Third ...Petit Adagio … Mike Edwards
Highly Commended ...Alpine Adventure … Ken Tyler
Commended ...Chariots … Alan Tyrer

Members Annual AV Competition 2016
May 2016
1st ...The Gallery
2nd ...Legacy of Mrs Heelis
3rd ...The Invisibles
Highly Commended ... In search of the Light / In search of Bengal Tiger
Commended ... Simply The King / Bikers Day Out

The Peter Frampton & One Minute Competitions.
Wednesday 17th February 2016.
Judge: Jill Bunting CPAGB.

Peter Frampton Competition.
1st Holiday Choices ... Gordon Nicklin.

One Minute Competition.
1st The Blood Donor … John Levett.
2nd Beside the Seaside … Gordon Nicklin.
3rd Colourful Worcestershire … Lavinia Hardwick.
Highly Commended Une Minute en Paris … Gordon Nicklin.
Commended The Seashore ... Janet Sprason.

Photo Harmony Competition.
Wednesday 16th December 2015.
1st Crepuscular ... Ian Bennett.
2nd Wedgewood Blue ... Mike Edwards.
3rd The Chase ...John Holt.
HC Deadwood ... John Holt.
C Autumn in Cumbria ... Gordon Nicklin.
Judge: Richard Brown. FRPS APAGB.

Members Annual AV Competition
Wednesday 20th May 2015.
First. Julia Felix – John Holt.
Second. A Parcel of Cloth – Lavinia and Mike Hardwick.
Third. Connections – Alan Tyrer.
Highly Commended. Theatre Under the Stars – Bill and Dorothy Every.
Commended. A Day on a Little Train - Mike Edwards.
Judges ... Ian and Hilary Templeton.

Peter Frampton Competition.
18th February 2015
First ... Good News ... Gordon Nicklin.
Judge ... Howard Bagshaw ARPS, MPAGB

One Minute Competition.
18th February 2015.
First ... On Walsgrave Hill … Mike and Lavina Hardwick
Second ... Looking for Silhouettes … Alan Tyrer
Third ... Stiperstones Legend … Peter Summers
Commended ... Bill and Dorothy Every
Judge ... Howard Bagshaw ARPS, MPAGB

Photo Harmony Competition.
17th December 2014.
1. Winter ... Mike Edwards
2. A Song No Words ... Mike Edwards
3. We will remember them ... Mike Hardwick
Commended in no particular order:
A Spring Garden ... Alan Tyrer. & Patshull Park ... Harry Hunt
Judges: Linda Gibbs MPAGB, AV-AFIAP and Edgar Gibbs FRPS, MPAGB, AV-AFIAP are as follows:


External Competitions.

CEMRIAC AV Competition – Jessop Rose Bowl
Hosted by WAVG.
Saturday 8th October 2016 ... 13.30.
Smethwick Photographic Society.
1st Queen Of The Hills
2nd Ailein Duinn
3rd That Picture
Highly commended … The Sanctuary / From The Far Side Of The World
Commended … The Gallery / The Seasons In Close Up / Simply The King
Best Sound … Queen Of The Hills